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How the visual world appears is important to me. I’m always aware of the light. I’m always aware of what I would call the ‘deep composition.’ Photography in the field is a process of creation, of thought and technique. But ultimately, it’s an act of imaginatively seeing from within yourself.” -Sam Abell

Christian Michel Photography was founded with the same understanding and ideology of photography as Sam Abell. I believe that true creative photography requires a border-less imagination that can look at the ordinary and find a unique perspective. I accomplish that through deep composition, lighting, posing, and styling. My goal is to capture and transform your true moments into a timeless work of art.

I was born and raised in South Minneapolis, Minnesota and have enjoyed growing up living the urban lifestyle. After high school, I ventured away from the city for my undergraduate degree where I studied at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. I finished in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. With my newly earned degree, I returned to the city where I started working at Walden University as an Academic Advisor. Unfortunately, the cube life quickly turned into a daily routine. I needed a creative outlet; therefore, on Black Friday 2012, I purchased my first camera, a canon t3i. I instantly fell in love and became passionate with the concept of capturing a moment in time that can be relived forever. However I am insatiable and needed more. With the help of two mentors and trial by error, I learned the principles and basics of photography and how to work a DSLR camera.

Early spring of 2013, I made a bold decision to take out a 12k loan on photography equipment. Due to my obsession and deep conviction with perfection, I couldn't settle with anything less than the best. I purchased my first professional camera, a Canon Mark III and three fantastic L series lenses. In addition, I wanted a professional work atmosphere so I invested in leasing a studio space in North East Minneapolis. These tools have given me the opportunity to create a future of creativity and passion.

I have enjoyed every minute of my adventure so far and I can't wait to share that with you.