Behind The Scenes Video With Iconic Visions

Behind the scenes video of a fashion collaboration workshop that I hosted at my old studio a few months back. People always ask me why I like photography and I believe this video really says a lot. As you can see, photoshoots are full of energy, creativity, and fun and you get the opportunity to meet a ton of really outgoing and talented people. During this shoot I had the pleasure of working with two really great photographers, Pauly and Steven. Both of them were amazing and I had a blast learning little tips and tricks from them during our time together.

All constructive feedback would be great on the video as it was my first time piecing something together. Yes, I already know it could use color correction and the clips are not synced with the music but those are all things I will learn moving forward. Also, during this shoot was the first time I ever took video on my DSLR camera so sorry if its a bit shaky or blurred half the time.

Thanks again to everyone who has followed my progress thus far and can't wait to share with you my next adventures.

Christian Michel